World’s First Commercially Available Legal Flying Car

Have you ever wondered, about a realistic flying car? Has the thought about co-existence of airplanes and cars came to your mind? To answer your question, a Dutch company thinks to have cracked the design of such a thing. It is legal in the roads of Europe. We all know that cars and airplanes are of totally different nature and have different requirements. Keeping all these constraints in mind, flying cars are designed to have wings that are either detachable oe collapsable. For detachability, they require to be towed behind the car in a trailor or left at the airfield. For collapsibilty, the car has to be designed for finding a place to put them. This is extremely complex. But the Dutch company, PAL-V considers their design as the best solution. A 3-wheeled design stable in turning conditions within normal speeds was necessary. The idea of Carver(another Dutch company) having 3-wheeled cars, tilted like motorcycles was taken. These could nullify the need of the 4th wheel, and also for raising the whole vehicle up, giving ground clearance for a rear-facing propeller.

Then came the issue of generating lift. So PAL-V selected a rotary design, an autogyro, known as gyrocopter. In gyrocopter, the rotor of an autogyro is unpowered in flight. It uses the concept of aerodynamics. For this reason,due to the absence of engines, they are totally safe from engine disaster.

Also, autogyro landing is similar to landing with engines. For safety, the Liberty has 2 engines powering a pusher propeller for forward thrust, in case of failure of any one. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, their landing and takeoff requirements are also less, proving useful in case of emergency. Also, very less labour is required for convertion between road and sky going.Current cost of the product available is $599K in Holland and is legal.It can go up to 99 miles in driving mode and per hour 122 miles per hour in flight mode .Average helicopter speed is around 16 miles per hour.It is estimated that the cost of sports model would be around $399K.

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