Were Scientists Wrong About The Big Bang?

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The cosmic microwave background radiation known as the ‘CMB’ is considered to have occurred about 14 billion years ago. Scientists concluded that they were looking at the signature of gravitational waves using a telescope located at the South Pole known as BICEP2. This discovery proved the inflationary model of the Big Bang and also provided possible evidence for quantum gravity. Unfortunately, galactic dust fills the Milky Way and when viewing out into the Cosmos, this dust comes in the way causing its own polarization signature.

This dusty interference needs correction to find gravitational waves in the CMB. A telescope of the European Space Agency called Planck is looking for evidence of gravitational waves in this Big Bang Echo. An accurate map of this galactic dust can also be created by Planck because its surveying the entire sky. However some opposes that they made insufficient corrections and for the famous polarization was caused by dust, not gravitational waves. Despite taking a stand by the research, researchers also figured out that dust could have interfered with the results. For removing the galactic dust interference, they need to wait until Planck releases detailed measurements.

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