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We at Team Utsav have embarked on a holy quest to manifest the fervour of festivities onto the virtual world, transcending the boundaries of distance, thereby ensuring a unique experience for everyone.

On that note, we present before you, “Sarodanjali, Sarod Samman 2021”, wherein the mesmerizing flavours of the best Durga Pujas from all over India will be on display for the world to see and enjoy . All the puja committees will have their verified profiles and can post pictures and upload of their respective idols and decorations, on our app, which will then be viewed by our substantial user base of 10K+ users, spread across the globe. The mission of our event is to capture the vibrant spirit of Durga Pujo and carry it to the remotest corners of the world, using the digital space as our medium.

The event itinerary is as follows:-

Exclusive Events

Youtube Campaign highlighting our venture by 5 Eminent Bengali Content Creators (subject to sponsorship) .

Going hand in hand with these events is our plan for a social outreach programme. We believe in the motto of “Festivals for all” and have formulated a few campaigns to further it.

“One dress less, One smile more”

This campaign basically requests people to set aside the cost of one dress and instead of using it to buy something, donate the money to our fund. We will match their contribution to make this Pujo a bit different for the vulnerable sections in a designated area. This effort of ours will be done in collaboration with an NGO.

Bhog Bitoron Shomaroho

Our aim through this exercise is to utilize the bhog made by the pujo committees, coordinate with them, and serve the bhog to underprivileged people in designated areas. This minimizes wastage of food and ensures that these people do not miss out on a very integral part of Durga Pujo.

Individual Events

Fashion Photography

Win amazing gifts by showcasing your styles and flaunting your wardrobe on Utsav App.

Dhaker Taale

Dance to the rhytms of festival dhak and upload your short videos on Utsav App.

Food Photography

Upload photos of your mouth watering dishes on Utsav App along with the recipe.

Dhunuchi Naach

Dance to the rhytms of festival dhak and dhunuchi and upload your short videos on Utsav App.

Sarod Samman 2021

Utsav App Sarod Samman is an initiative by the members of Utsav App to make Durga Puja more memorable and energetic. As Goddess Durga is believed to have power behind the creation, destruction and preservation of the world. This festival is also considered as one of the most important festivals in the divine city of Kolkata.

Various Award categories present this year are-

1. Tomar Chokhe Durga, a people’s choice award given to the top 3 Durga Puja Committees from Kolkata decided by the people through voting.

2. Dosh-o-Dike Dosh-o-Bhuja, a judge’s choice award given to the top 3 Durga Puja Committees from Kolkata decided by the jury of Sanbad Samachar.

3. Hoimaboti-R Henshel ( Bonedi-barir Bhog), a plan to create an atmosphere wherein the true flavours of indigenous bengali pujo bhog recipes will reach to every household and the top 2 bonedi bari will be recognised and commemorated.

4. Green Pujo (Eco-Friendly Pujo), a new category added to the list of awards, taking into consideration the situation around the world, safety comes first and this award is for the one who ensures and follows all Covid-19 Safety protocols and is eco-friendly.

5. Jelar Pujo (Best from the districts of Bengal), a people’s choice award given to the top 3 Durga Puja Committees from the districts of Bengal decided by the people through voting.

6. Probashi Pujo, a people’s choice award given to the top 3 Durga Puja Committees from different parts of the globe decided by the people through voting.

7. GIBL Safe Pujo, sponsored by gibl.in , dedicated to the best puja which ensures public safety and is well insured.

8. Best Idol

9. Best Lighting

Sarad Samman 2020:

Sarad Samman WINNER 2020

Ahiritola Yubakbrinda 

Sarad Samman 1st Runner Up 2020

Madhusudan Das & Bye Das Lane

Sarad Samman 2nd Runner Up 2020

Mudiali Club