Terms of Service

By using the applex.in web site(“web app”) or any of the applex.in mobile application (“apps”) services or applex.in’s web/android/iOS app development services, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. applex.in reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions that apply to all clients without notice. The updated terms and conditions will only be in effect once they are published on the applex.in web site. Continued use of the applex.in product after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.
  2. The definition of “The Client” used in this document pertains at all times to the organization that is the intended party requesting apps from applex.in.
  3. Any offer made by applex.in is limited to the duration advertised or in the absence of such time or in the event of any error or omission shall be valid for 24 hours from when it first appeared unless applex.in in its sole discretion decides to change the extent or duration of any offer.
  4. The Client is responsible for maintaining the security of their online account and password.
  5. applex.in will use reasonable efforts to have the application approved by the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Although there is generally a high likelihood of approval, we do not and cannot guarantee approval. If the app is continually denied by the app stores because The Client has not accepted applex.in’s advice on what changes are required for the approval of the app in the app stores, The Client will not be entitled to a refund of the initial setup fee.
  6. This proposal covers the deployment of standard application components only utilizing the existing modules offered at that time by applex.in. Should any development be required which in the opinion of applex.in is customized, a specification and development estimate will be provided and approved by The Client prior to any development work being undertaken.
  7. In the event of there being customized development work, the quotation provided will be a best estimate based on current understanding at the time of quotation and with a view of it not taking more than the number of days of development effort quoted. In the event of it taking longer because of the need for additional resources or variations by The Client the standard rates of applex.in will apply.
  8. It is understood and agreed by The Client that issues can occur and that in the event of any customer complaint or concern The Client shall refer it, or them, to applex.in. This will not be a basis for voiding its obligation to pay applex.in or withholding payment
  9. Unless agreed by both The Client and applex.in or unless a reseller or white label offering is to occur then applex.in shall be listed as the app developer in iTunes and Google Play.
  10. applex.in may issue an update to the Client’s apps which may add, modify and/or remove app features. These updates may be pushed out automatically without notice, although applex.in intends to notify the Client in advance of an upcoming update with details on what the update includes.
  11. No additional programming or support charges shall be levied by applex.in to the client other than the initial development and monthly charges unless required and agreed by the client in writing in advance of such work.
  12. The Client warrants that it has not relied on any representations in writing or otherwise by applex.in and that it is bound by these terms and conditions as a precondition of doing business with applex.in which it accepts by making any payment to applex.in or requests for its products or services.
  13. applex.in reserves the right to withdraw from any request to provide services or from a proposal, at its discretion, where in the opinion of applex.in Management, excessive modifications and or additions to the initial brief have been requested by The Client.
  14. Unless otherwise agreed, The Client may cancel their mobile app at any time without incurring penalty fees but must provide 7 days of notice.
  15. All ideas and suggestions of applex.in shall remain the property of applex.in whether promoted and used as a result of this Agreement or not.
  16.  In the event of the termination of any service or services arising from or incidental to this Agreement or introduced by applex.in it is agreed that ownership of the Intellectual Property giving rise to such service or services shall remain the property of applex.in including the name of the application in either or both of the App Store or in Google Play for the service. This excludes any pre-existing Intellectual Property created by The Client such as trademarks, logos or copyright information.
  17. Technical Code/ application/ Intellectual Property(IP) developed or created by applex.in at own capacity with knowledge available from public domain can be used by applex.in anywhere it deems necessary without taking consent from anyone.
  18. Any internet domains, app development, app names or registrations in the App Store, Google Play or otherwise used in conjunction with the client’s app or phone numbers or other addresses that applex.in establishes and maintains in the operation of the services remain the property of applex.in.