Possibility of a multiverse


We live in a massive universe which is still expanding. But is it the only universe? Are there multiple universes present? Well, this is an eternal debate. But several theories proves the possibility of a mutiverse. One of them is the Bubble Universe Theory, or eternal inflation. This theory involves ocurrances of multiple Big Bangs. Big Bangs occurs within universes expanding through space-time, giving birth to more. Therefore, the cosmos may contain multiple universes or bubbles. There may be a diverse network of bubbles(or universes), each one containing unique properties and physical possibilities.

Another theory is known as brane cosmology. The space containing infinite dimensions is called bulk and our 3D universe is but one dimension of a vast floating system of membranes within the bulk. Flowing within the bulk in infinite time, the membranes collide and explode, creating Big Bang, thus generating another brain on the bulk. Another important theory is called the Multiverse Theory or Many Worlds Theory.

This theory states that every action and decision results in a split universe in which the opposite action or decision was made. While measuring a specific object, the universe splits itself into two. The object is measured as a particle in one universe, while as a wave in another one. When one of the two outcomes are made possible, the universe splits itself into two to accomodate both possible quantum results. In such a case, our life and history are a branching tree of different lives.

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