iOS vs Andriod

We keep checking different sites, YouTube videos in search of best smartphone in our range but whatever we buy it runs with the help of two prominent mobile operating systems: –
• iOS
• Android

Some say Google’s android is better than iOS and some say the reverse. In these arguments the actual facts die and most of us come to conclusion that iPhone is better, so tech lovers, let us show you some differences:-
A OnePlus 8T almost beat an iPhone 11 in a speed test that involved restarting the phones and opening several apps one by one. Though in some cases iPhone 11 was fast, but most of the time One plus 8T was faster than iPhone 11. However, you must note that in some cases, there could be a difference on how app publishers develop for android vs iOS because the internal working might not always be the same.
It is easier in Android than iOS because files can easily be transferred using USB ports to desktops but in case of iPhone you need iTunes desktop app.
Most of the Android phones are cheaper than iPhones.
Many Android phone manufacturers provide large batteries with longer life, but Apple batteries are generally not as big as Android batteries, though apple is able to give decent battery life through hardware/software optimizations.
Other than Facebook, Google Duo, WhatsApp etc iPhones also have iMessage and Face Time but Android has Google Message of itself.
File apps are limited in iOS compared to Android.
iOS provides better privacy controls than Android. Android provides monthly security updates whereas iOS provides occasional security update. However, iOS is locked so security threats are less. Therefore, as a whole iOS provides more security than Android, but Android is open source, thus allowing for more customisations.
Android is independent platform than iOS, for example: – most of the times we like to download apk files from google in Android it is possible, but it is not possible in iPhone. Android provides high customizable user experience.
Google assistant is considered much better than Siri because google understands many languages and there are many other features.
Android gets app from Google Play which has more than 2.8 million apps on board, whereas Apple store currently offers 1.8 million apps.
iOS provides better ecosystem than Android.
In conclusion Android and iOS both have their own individual advantages. So, now it is up to you which one is more advantageous according to your needs.

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