When will 5G be available in India

Home There are already many myths and hypes about 5G all over the world.India’s mobile networks are racing to be first to roll out 5G services,with support from partners around the world.Google is among the latest to join in,buying a stake in Reliance Jio.Intel and Qualcomm are also interested.5G phones are already available in India but building the 5G networks they will work with is going to take time.Probably 5G services is likely to be …

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Andriod Entertainment System in Cars

Home A silent car journey can be boring, that’s why something is required to keep us occupied and entertained throughout our ride. Apart from its formerly intended smartphone segment, nowadays Android is being widely used for a variety of purposes like in HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces i.e. user interfaces connecting humans to machines), medical devices etc. One such popular uses of Android is for entertainment system in cars. Android car stereo, as it sounds is …

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