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Home Scientists were able to measure winds in Jupiter’s stratosphere directly for the first time in history unveiling astonishing results. Each planet has it’s own unique conditions. Likewise, Jupiter is known to be the home to some of the stormiest systems. Jupiter’s winds in the lower atmosphere has been tracked using red and white clouds of gas. Strong winds create vibrant auroras at it’s poles higher up in the planet’s upper atmosphere. Stratosphere lies within
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Home Have you seen acute radiation poisoning on TV, people wrapped in bandages? Have you wondered what’s going on there? The mystery lies within the radiation. All of us are already aware of different types of radiation. But do you know the kind of radiation which damages tissue? It’s called ionizing radiation. It comes in high-energy waves like X-rays and gamma rays, etc. This sort of radiation damages atoms, which in turn affects whole molecules(like
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Home When we talk about worms, we consider them as weird, primitive creatures squirming around senselessly. The brain of a worm has been put into a robot and it executed perfectly.Wait what? Ok, let’s dive deeper. A copy of the brain of a Caenorhabditis elegans has been used. It is the digital brain of a worm on a computer chip in a lego robot. The robot was basically a simulated brain navigating on its own.
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Home 3D printing revolutionized the world by providing numerous opportunities from space technology to modelling organs. But have you wondered how influential 3D printing can get for repairing damaged bones within our body? Well, Scientists are now looking to incorporate living cells into bone-like structures by using a new ceramic ink. This could one day prove beneficial for repairing damaged bones by applying ink directly into the injury. Currently, the go-to choice for major bone
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Home The cosmic microwave background radiation known as the ‘CMB’ is considered to have occurred about 14 billion years ago. Scientists concluded that they were looking at the signature of gravitational waves using a telescope located at the South Pole known as BICEP2. This discovery proved the inflationary model of the Big Bang and also provided possible evidence for quantum gravity. Unfortunately, galactic dust fills the Milky Way and when viewing out into the Cosmos,
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