sudden crash of Andriod Apps
Home Android phones suddenly started throwing notifications on 23/03/2021, indicating that certain apps have crashed. The main issue of the bug is now revealed. The problem was caused by the Android WebView (an extension of Android’s View class) app. As a result, only android interface got affected. Therefore it was advised to users to use the Web desktop interface for the time being. Samsung’s US support advised to disable the Android WebView for their users
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Home By 2024, NASA’s Artemis program aims to return human to the moon. Designing a spacesuit at the hostile environment of the moon is very difficult. Weight is an important factor for space travel, the lighter the better. Moon’s regolith is a serious problem due to the absence of the atmosphere. Moon’s dust is jagged and is sticky resulting in degradation of spacesuits. The lower portion of the suit lacked bearing joints due to weight
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Home Since Apollo 17, NASA is sending the first crewed mission to the lunar surface utilizing the Artemis Program(a series of lunar missions paving way for future explorations beyond the moon). NASA is preparing new Space Launch System(SLS) rocket which can carry cargo and astronauts to the Moon within a single mission. NASA in collaboration with partners is building a new crew capsule called Orion. According to NASA, the design of SLS is flexible and
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Home In Japan, the 15 story tall tank of water buried 1000 meters under a mountain has been active for researching on neutrinos that reshapes the standard model of particle physics. The Hyper-Kamiokande(Hyper-K) has been approved by the Japanese government. Hyper-K has been designed to detect neutrinos which are incredibly hard and elusive to spot due to their rare interaction. If we get a lot of matter and stare at all of it for a
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Home We all are familiar with 3D printing. But what if we tell you that a satellite can do a similar thing in space? How supercool would be that! To solve this mystery, a company named Made In Space is building a highly advanced project, Archinaut 1, a satellite that can 3D print itself in space. The name of the project is On-Orbit Servicing Assembly Manufacturing 2 (OSAM 2). The Archinaut 1 satellite will be
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