Andriod Entertainment System in Cars

A silent car journey can be boring, that’s why something is required to keep us occupied and entertained throughout our ride. Apart from its formerly intended smartphone segment, nowadays Android is being widely used for a variety of purposes like in HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces i.e. user interfaces connecting humans to machines), medical devices etc. One such popular uses of Android is for entertainment system in cars.Android car stereo, as it sounds is an Android software that is incorporated into the car’s audio. It which comes with music, video players, radio, games and lots of other features can certainly entertain us during the trip. Here, the conventional audio or video player is substituted by Android-based touch system. 

Using USB cables or bluetooth, Android car stereos when paired with driving applications like Google’s Android Auto, an extension of connected Android phone it can display limited apps like those used for media and phone calls. These applications are designed in a manner to keep the driver’s attention on the road rather than their smartphones. Music apps like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio are supported by these applications. Although videos can be played using some apps, it is not recommended to use while driving keeping in mind the safety of the driver. With these features one can surely have a joyous car driving experience.

Such entertainment systems have developed a lot over time and have many features. The overall features available have also increased. People can now do a lot more than just play music on such devices. 

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