7D Hologram Technology

What is a 7D Hologram Technology?

The Universe has 3 dimensions in terms of space,and 4 dimensions in terms of both space and time.But how is 7D view possible?Well the basic requirement is a hologram.That’s why it is often said as “7D Hologram Technology”.A large number of positions,each having a 3D space is used to surround a scene.Each position is used for capturing different viewing directions in 2D space.Image intensity and time are 2 additional parameters for each direction.So altogether it makes 7 parameters,known as dimensions.Therefore a technology in which a high quality hologram using 7 parameters is used to generate a 7D view,is usually called a 7D Hologram Technology.

What are Holograms?

The word Holography have been derived from the greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’ and ‘graphe’ meaning ‘drawing’.Hologram is a structure,which generated 3D image displaying depth and parallax using the principles of light diffraction.In real life,an object changes its views and perspectives from different angles.Hologram is no different from that.So hologram is typically a mixture of virtual(say like photograph) and real life objects.If the hologram is divided into a number of parts,whole view of the images will be visible from each of those parts.

Construction of Holograms:

A laser beam is splitted into 2 parts.Two mirrors are kept through which both parts of the light beam bounces off and reflects onto a photographic plate after hitting a object,by the first beam.The changes on the the light rays used in first beams of first photographic plate now can be measured with respect to the another one by recombining these beams.Thus change in object after light falls through it can be measured.However one of its drawbacks is that the high intensity of laser beam can cause skin burns.

One of the well known applications of hologram technology is world’s first multi-user technology,which is none other than Euclideon Hologram Table.Steve Armor,Euclideon’s director of buisness development described it as a point-cloud rendering technology which allows them to render their own format,besides traditional polygon models.This enables them to help people know about different range of sizes like petabyte,million gigabyte and 3D models.

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