Month: February 2021


Linac Coherent Light Source

Home In 2009,world’s brightest X-ray laser LCLS was launched, generating x-ray pulses a billion times brighter than anything around. By this, scientists can take ultrafast snapshots of the invisible world, ranging from atoms,molecules and other particles. But in order to see the ultra small world like never before, researchers are working tirellesly working towards LCLS-||, the updated version of LCLS, capable of taking the free electron laser field up to another quantum leap. This will …

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Possibility of a multiverse

Home We live in a massive universe which is still expanding. But is it the only universe? Are there multiple universes present? Well, this is an eternal debate. But several theories proves the possibility of a mutiverse. One of them is the Bubble Universe Theory, or eternal inflation. This theory involves ocurrances of multiple Big Bangs. Big Bangs occurs within universes expanding through space-time, giving birth to more. Therefore, the cosmos may contain multiple universes …

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