Month: January 2021

Google Cloud Platform vs Amazon Web Services

Home Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services are two of the most popular cloud services provider. Let us compare the two- Launch Time Publicly Launched in 2011. However, the same infrastructure has been long used by Google for its flagship products like search, gmail, youtube etc. AWS was publicly launched in 2006. Availability Zones Google Cloud Platform has been made available in 20 regions all around the world with 3 more on their way. …

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Quantum Computer

Home First of all,what is quantum physics? Quantum physics describes behaviours of fundamental particles like atoms,electrons,photons,subatomic particles,etc. Similarly,a quantum computer is a computer which involves operation of behaviours of these fundamental particles,but in a totally different way from a regular computer. IBM,one of the world’s reputed tech giants has built a working quantum computer. It’s not just an updated version of regular computers,but uses deeper science and technology,based on quantum physics. So quantum computers can …

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