Month: December 2020

What is Edge Computing?

Home An open IT distributed architecture,processing decentralized processing power,enabling technologies involved in IOT and mobile computing is known as edge computing.Gartner quotes edge computing as “a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information.” Now the question is how is data processed? Well,the data is processed by the device itself or may involve a local computer and …

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How Technology can help improve your Business

Home Modern technology has paved the way for multi-function devices which has made our lives easier, faster, and better. Technology has had a major impact in the modern workplace and benefits businesses, in some cases using technology provides a greater efficiency and versility which results in natural progress in your business. Let us Have a look in some ways in which technology can help your business: – • It helps to increases the productivity and …

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Deepmind solves 50 year old biology challenge

Home Deepmind, acquired by Google in 2014 is an UK based based artificial intelligence company and research laboratory. The company made headlines in 2016 after its AlphaGo program beat a human professional Go player Lee Sedol, the world champion, in a five-game match. Deepmind mentions it’s goal to is to combine the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms. Deepmind’s program, AlphaFold outperformed around 100 other teams in …

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